Shelley B.

Well hello everyone!!!! My name is Shelley and Disney has been a piece of my heart since I was a child. After having the chance of performing at Disney World back in High School, I knew I wanted to work for this amazing company one day. That dream became a reality, and I was honored to be a Cast Member! I helped open the Disney Store in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Going through “Traditions,” was and still is a cherished memory. While in College, I got a chance to actually sing again onstage, but this time I was a Cast Member!! I stayed with the Walt Disney Company for a little over three years, and it still remains to be my best employer EVER!!! I still try and go to Disney World at least once a year. Last year my two trips were halted due to a diagnosis of Breast Cancer. I’m a single mommy to a vivacious little boy too!! Disney, my family, and friends have been the only things that have given me hope. And of course a little faith and pixie dust too! Cancer will not keep me away this year!!!