Armchair Imagineering: Old Fantasyland – Brian’s Edition

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Your task is to complete the refurb of Fantasyland.  You have to keep all of New Fantasyland and continue the theming to fix Old Fantasyland.  You need to also add another sit-down restaurant.  You may keep the rides or remove them all.  The bathrooms at Pinocchio’s Village Haus will be removed to allow you to go back and to the left of Be Our Guest.  You can use this space to expand beyond the railroad tracks.  You must have two NEW rides and you have to come up with a solution for Old Fantasyland.

To complete the refurb of Fantasyland you must understand that purpose of New Fantasyland.  New Fantasyland was created to completely immerse you in your favorite Walt Disney Animated Films.

We will now attempt to complete the immersion that New Fantasyland began.


Brian’s New Old Fantasyland.

Let’s start with the entrance to Fantasyland from Tomorrowland.  We will keep the Mad Tea Party but we will be removing The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.  We will be replacing it the Alice in Wonderland Dark Ride from Disneyland.

We will also be removing the facades of the Medieval Tents and replacing it with an English Tudor style façade much like Disneyland’s but more inviting.  We will accomplish this by using lighter colored stones to make the entrance ways a bit warmer and friendlier, especially during the nighttime hours.

It’s a small world will be moving as well and replacing it will be Pinocchio’s Daring Journey but what sets this apart from Disneyland’s version is you will be on a boat and you will actually be eaten by Monstro the Whale.  New technology will help transform you into characters in the ride.  Using the MagicBand technology your face will be placed on characters on Pleasure Island.  Will you let your conscious be your guide and return safely home or will you turn the other cheek and be turned into a donkey?  The choices are yours as you will be asked to answer a few questions in your ride vehicle before the ride starts.  Each time you ride the questions will be different so try not to outsmart the computer.

There will now be two new entrances to the expansion of New Old Fantasyland.  One will be by the Tangled bathrooms and the other will be where the bathrooms at Pinocchio’s Village Haus’ bathrooms once stood.

Here these paths will lead you deeper into the Enchanted Forest and into lands that only existed in your dreams.

On the Tangled side we will have another family style rollercoaster that will mimic the journey of Flynn Ryder as he escapes both the castle guards and the thieves he once worked with.  This will be a combination of dark ride and rollercoaster much like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train as it shows just how someone who wasn’t the purest of heart battles and eventually finds true love and his happy ending.  Once he meets Rapunzel the chase continues as they both are trying to get away from Mother Gothel and the thieves trying to seek their revenge.

After the ride you are invited to have a seat in The Snuggly Duckling for not just a meal but a show as well.  Sit back and enjoy the show as a rag tag bunch of misfits seek your applause and approval as they step out of their comfort zone and showcase their hidden talents.

Since we are in the Enchanted Forest one much think that with the removal of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh from earlier that we must be creating The Hundred Acre Wood, and you would be correct.  We will be recreating the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh but the trackless version from Disneyland.  Here you will also find the homes of all of Pooh’s friends and you can interact in each of them.  There will be an immersive Meet & Greet area as well where all of the residents of The Hundred Acre Wood will be there to great you with a warm hug and a smile.

As you enter from the side of Pinocchio’s Village Haus you will be transported to Pixie Hollow.  Here you will be able to meet your favorite fairy Tinker Bell and all of her friends.  As you are shrunk to the size of a fairy you are invited to chose your talent.  Will you be a Tinker, a Scout, a Water, a Light, a Fast Flight, an Animal, an Art or a Dust Fairy?  Choose wisely as your decision will play into how you are able to interact with objects inside of Pixie Hollow.  The best part is when you chose your talent your respective real-life fairy will have a special surprise for you when you meet them.

As you leave Pixie Hollow you notice that both paths join to become one path that leads to what looks like a clearing in the forest.  As was mentioned earlier it’s a small world was removed from its existing location and it will be moved to the perimeter of Fantasyland so the Walt Disney World Railroad can run through it.  This will be an exact replica of the original from the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair which now resides in Disneyland.  This will allow everyone to see it’s a small world in the way that Walt wanted us to.  This will also serve as a great place for you and your family to grab a quick bit at a wonderful new counter service restaurant that serves all of your favorites for a nice relaxing picnic on the rolling hills of the new small world plaza.

I hope that you enjoyed this version of New Old Fantasyland.



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