Blizzard Beach vs Typhoon Lagoon

(Written By Katie G./Photos Courtesy of Walt Disney World)

Now it is summer, many of us will look for the best way to cool off when we are in Walt Disney World. One of my favorite ways is the water parks! But which water park is best for you! I will compare both so you can make the best choice.

Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon are very similar but both have different aspects for you to enjoy.

Blizzard Beach will take you to a ski resort that has melted into a watery wonderland. Before you walk into the water park, you can play miniature golf. You can pick summer they will base which on a summer theme or winter they will base which on Christmas.

There are 12 attractions here where you can enjoy the whole day in the sun! One of the first thing you may notice here is Summit Plummet. This thrilled water slide will take you from the top of the mountain to near vertical drop on one of the tallest, fastest free fall body slide in the world.  But one of my favorite part is the way you get there. Just like all ski resort this one is no different there is a chairlift to take you to the top of the mountain.   Another attraction at top of this mountain is Teamboat Spring which is a family ride in one of the world’s longest group whitewater raft ride, up to six can ride this ride.

As you continue to explore Blizzard Beach, you are ready for a break, jump into a long lazy river which has surprises along the way in the Cross Country Creek.


Downhill Double Dipper you can race in an inner tube in these side by side waterslide to see who can go faster. At the end there is a clock to show your time!


Melt away Bay is a one acre wave pool so grab your inner tube or brave without and watch the waves come crashing in.



Runoff Rapids is where you can rush down three different water slides, ride solo or doubles. It encloses two of the water slides and one is not. Try all three for different experiences!


Slush Gusher is a 90 foot long high speed water slide right next to Summit Plummet. This is a great way to prepare for Summit Plummet.


Snow Stormers is three winding waters slides where you ride on your stomach was you weave down.



Toboggan racers is where you can compete with seven others on your toboggan down this slalom course.



For the preschoolers and little kids they will love this polar themed play land with slides just for them! For the big kids and preteens they can challenge themselves in the Ski Patrol Training Camp or just relax in this active, driven play area.

There are also multiple quick services stops here, places where you can get a tropical drink, shop or just relax in a beach chair. All with the touches and magic that only Disney can bring.

Disney Typhoon Lagoon is a great place to soak up the Florida sun but still have the thrills of a water park.  There are 11 attractions here for everyone to enjoy.

Bay sliders is perfect for preschoolers, kids and tweens. This two body slides offered a small thrill for them but also allows the parents to wade in the Surf Pool. Ketchakiddee Creek is a perfect area featuring tons of activities for just them!


Looking to relax and enjoy the views of Typhoon Lagoon then drift away in an inner tube as you float along the Castaway Creek lazy river.


Crush n Gusher is where you can ride doubles in this rift ride that will give everyone a thrill!



One of a family favorites is Gangplank Falls where a group of four can ride in an inner tube as you zig and zag down this raft ride! Miss Adventure Falls is another family fun ride which is the longest ride of any water park!


Looking for more of a thrill Humunga Kowabunga where you can plummet down five story drop in the dark! MayDay Falls is a single tube rider where you brave all the bumps and turns on the highest and longest waterside of the water park!


Keelhaul Falls is a single rider smooth and scenic ride down Mount Mayday. Storm Slide is three slides where you can wind down for a three story splash.


What makes this water park unique is the Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool where you can experience six foot swells, now that’s a wave!



Just like Blizzard Beach you will find plenty of place to grab a tasty meal or a drink. They’re shops where you can grab your Disney favorites, along with characters and magical touches along the way.

This summer Disney H2O Glow nights are being offered.  For $55 dollars per person plus tax for adults and $50 dollars per person plus tax for children age 3 to 9. At Disney Typhoon Lagoon you can enjoy Rex and his Toy Story pals during this glow party. There will be shorter wait time for popular waterside. A DJ hosting a dance party, a playful mix of Toy Story themed experiences and limited time food and drinks.

At Blizzard beach you can enjoy the incredible summer surprises with a DJ party on weekends and select week days. Challenges for kids, themed giveaway and limited time food and beverages.

You will not disappoint no matter what water park your family pick. So grab your bathing suits, sunglasses, and sunscreen and cool off at this one of kind water parks.


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