DHS Armchair Imagineering Part 1

Join our podcast team (Brian, Mike, Rob, and Shannon) as they bring to you Disney’s Hollywood Studios Armchair Imagineering. Listen to this weeks’s podcast and follow along.

(Part 1 brought to you by Brian/Photos Courtesy of Disney Movies Monsters Inc)

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has been known as a park without a plan for far too long.  Well today we proudly announce the third and final land which will open before Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary.  You will get to listen to proposals from our Imagineers and you, our listener, will get to decide what land we will build next.

The rules are as follows:

You must have 2 attractions, a sit-down restaurant as well as a quick service restaurant.


We will be taking over the end of Sunset Blvd where Rock ‘n Roller Coaster now sits.  The show building will be turned into the Monsters Inc. Headquarters.  The building will be re-themed to incorporate the show scenes from inside of Monsters Inc.  The loading area will take us to the scare floor where you will jump on board your very own door to take a ride on the new Monsters Inc. Door coaster.  This will be the first ever stand up roller coaster in a Disney Park.  You will weave in and out of the rows of doors before diving into a few taking you into new worlds as you race after Randall to try and save Boo.  Help Mike and Sully not only save Boo but save the day on this exciting new experience inside of Monstropolis.

As you wander the streets of Monstroplois you are truly immersed into the world of Monsters.  Along the streets you pass shops and apartments fit to serve all of the monsters daily needs.  Make sure you stop by the Tony’s Grossery to pick up some fresh fruit and snacks to help recharge your batteries after saving Boo.

Don’t forget to stop by the Hidden City Café serving Joffrey’s Coffee, maybe you will see a few Easter eggs from a few of your favorite Pixar movies!

Further on down the road you drawn in by the stark white granite walls of Harryhausen’s.  This over the top Japanese restaurant is like no other so be sure to book your ADR’s 180 days in advance because you won’t be able to call in a favor like Mike and get a last second reservation.  Inside this themed sit-down restaurant you will be able to dine with a character from the film.  Using the Disney’s Living Character Initiative you will truly get a unique experience every time you dine at Harryhausen’s.

On the outskirts of Monstropolis you see off in the distance something on top of a hill.  Here you will find Monsters University.  You will actually have an opportunity to enroll as a student and be able to take a literal crash course on how to be a Monster.  Jump on board your Omnimover and let our Monster facility teach you about the history of being a monster and what will be expected of you if you are ever to be a Top Scarer at Monsters Inc.  Inside this ride you will be able to choose your own destiny and pick which school you would like to attend.  Most will try their hand at The School of Scaring but for those wanting to take another route, the following options will be available to choose from your onboard monster computer.  The school of engineering, the school of liberal arts and monstrositieis, the school of science, the school of business and the school of aquatic’s.  Choose wisely because once you have chosen your path you will disembark your omnimover with your very own Degree from Monsters University and you will have an opportunity to continue your story throughout the land as you interact with characters and locations.

Monsters Inc.  We Scare Because We Care



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