DHS Armchair Imagineering Part 2

(Part 2 brought to you by Rob/Photos Courtesy of Walt Disney World & Disneyland)

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has been known as a park without a plan for far too long.  Well today we proudly announce the third and final land which will open before Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary.  You will get to listen to proposals from our Imagineers and you, our listener, will get to decide what land we will build next.

The rules are as follows:

You must have 2 attractions, a sit-down restaurant as well as a quick service restaurant.

The Indiana Jones Adventure

Welcome to the land of Adventure.  Grab your fedora and journey with us back in time to the 1930’s as you join world famous archaeologist and adventurer Dr. Indiana Jones as he travels the world in search or rare and exotic artifacts.

The entrance to this land will sit in between the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular and the Adventure Outpost (The Indiana Jones Gift Shop).

As you enter the land you begin walking down the streets of London passing facades of stores and restaurants that you recognize from the movie.  You are drawn in by the iconic British Museum, it is here that your journey will begin.

Inside this massive building will have a fully interactive museum and also our sit down restaurant?  Walk in and can go to the Dining area – which will be a majestic ballroom. You are now a part of a fund raiser event for Dr. Jones’ next expedition.  You see various entertainment on the stage, roaming cast members in character interaction – photographers going from Table to Table to capture this once in a lifetime gala.

In addition to the sit down restaurant, will be a walk through interactive real museum where you can see and touch all of the different artifacts and tools that Indy has found and used on his many adventures all while learning the history of the areas visited by Dr. Jones

We will have a wing of the museum dedicated just for kids to allow them to play and learn at the same time.  We did not forget about the adults as they will have their own dedicated wing all to themselves where they can learn without the worry of someone interrupting their studies.

Exit out of the museum through the back and you realize you aren’t in London but you have been transported to the jungle, it is here that you must make your first decision.  Choose your path wisely as a different experience awaits you with each choice.

  1. Is a walking trail through the jungle
  2. Is riding a vehicle – like a ride vehicle used on the Kilimanjaro Safari
  3. Taking a boat – like the friendship boats, but made to look like an older version

After you are make your decision the cast members will be wishing you luck on your adventures.

You will arrive in the jungle area where there is a camp site set up where adventurers can prepare for their adventures in various ways:

One way is to eat at the quick service: Sallah’s Dig Site, that looks like… you guessed it a dig site with a lot of your favorite and a few unfamiliar finger foods.

Another way the adults can prepare or celebrate after their adventures is an in park version of Jock’s Lindsay’s Hanger Bar.

You can also visit the Starbucks that is themed to look like an old cabin to gather supplies for your adventure.

And of course a few shops to purchase things you may need to go on the adventures or to buy after so you don’t leave empty handed.

You then have to make a choice of where to go next…

To the left will take you to the Indiana Jones Ride.  This is a similar concept to the one in Disneyland.  This version will be plussed and will include a totally new track – which will also help separate it from the Disneyland attraction and Dinosaur! in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

You can also go to the right and come across Indiana Jones Mine Train roller coaster just like the one in Disneyland Paris.

Or you can go straight which will lead you to the Aztec Temple where you enter and become immersed in the temple. You will have even more interactive options to see and do than in the museum back in London.  Can you make it through the traps and mazes that the Chapotion Warriors set and successfully swap out the Fertility Idol for the sand bag?  Or you can enter the realm of Kali and go on a clue driven mission and obtain all 3 Shankara Stones.  Or visit the temple of the Crescent Moon and successfully face the challenges from the Templar Knights and then pick the correct Holy Grail?  Along with other great puzzles and mazes to explore and see.  There are multiple ways to accomplish these so no two trips into the temple will be the same.

After you have explored all of this it’s time to venture back to civilization using one of the three transport options that can get you there.

Interactive cast members will either wish you well on your adventures when you enter of celebrate your return with your fortune and glory on your way back.


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