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Disney Cruise Line is another way to explore Disney for families. As of right now they offer four ships, Magic, Wonder, Fantasy and the Dream.  There are three more cruise ships joining the fleet in 2021, 2022, and 2023. In the next couple weeks, I will explore the four magnificent cruise ships you can sail on right now!

The Disney Dream has 14 public decks for you to explore.  The Style is Art Décor though out.  It launched its first cruse in 2011 with its main voyage being January 26th. The ship outside with the color scheme black, yellow, white and red will stand out as Mickey Mouse designed it himself. With two bright red smoke stacks with two white Mickey Mouse shaped on them.

One of the best part of the Disney Cruise Line is the horn, it is not any type of horn it has Disney magic with it.  This horn plays “When you Wish Upon a Star”, “ A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes”,  “Be our Guest”, “ You Ho ( A Pirate’s Life is for Me)”, “ Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (An Actors Life for Me)”, “ Do You Want To Build a Snowman” and “It’s a Small World”

There are multiple itineraries you can drop anchor in.  Leaving out of Port Canaveral you can enjoy a 3 day, 4 day cruise to the Bahamas with occasionally a 5 day cruise.

Unlike staying at Walt Disney World, you are able to pick your room when booking.  They offer four different rooms. Concierge room which will feature separate bedroom, Verandah which can fit families of two to five will have a private balcony. Ocean view rooms with one or two portholes and inside rooms are inside the hallways.




One of the first things you will notice is the Donald Duck statue. Very similar to the Magic and Wonder, there is a beautiful staircase right behind Donald Duck. The color scheme here is blues with a touch of red. Very much remind where of Donald Duck outfit. This where you can notice it in the chandelier that picks up on these blues, a red and a touch of white just like the beloved character Donald Duck. The mural behind Guest Services will showcase of your favorite ports and islands.  Tip: Make sure you have your camera ready, when boarding the ship they will ask for your name and will announce it! It makes a great start to your magical trip.  Second tip: look for hidden Mickeys throughout the whole ship.

Each night your room host will place a navigator with tomorrow activities, movies, Broadway show.  (Tip you will receive Key to the World cards when checking in. If it is your first cruise, bring a lanyard to keep this for easy access. This will be your room key, your credit card, your way to get on and off the ship and also will show you the order of your dining rotation)


One of the best part of the cruise is the food! With your cost it will cover your food all you can eat unless you dine at the Adult only Palo and Remy restaurant which will have an up charge. Each night you will go through the three main dining, don’t worry if you go to the same restaurant twice they will change the menu. Animator’s Palate is a Pacific Island, fresh California fare, which takes place as if you designing your own cartoons. With big paint brushes as columns, this is one of kind experience. Make sure you pay attention during dinner for special surprises.  Royal Palace is a French-inspired fare that is designed after the classic Disney Princesses films. While dining in here you will feel like royalty. Enchanted Garden is a market style menu from around the world. This restaurant is unique due to the design. While dining the restaurant’s sweeping ceiling will change from blue daytime color to a golden red of a setting sun. Additional the flower light fixture will “bloom” It is .

For casual Dining they offer Cabanas buffet for lunch and dinner, or Flo’s Café and don’t forget the 24 hour room service.  Dessert make sure you stop at Eye Scream Treats for ice cream  or Frozone Treats for a special smoothie. If you have a dietary or special need, make sure you call ahead of time and don’t worry you will still have plenty to eat!

For Adult exclusive dining Palo where you can indulge in Northern Italian cuisine with live music. This is a must for a romantic evening out.  Meridian is the lounge right outside both these restaurants grab a drink before or after or just check out the sunset/Remy is the finest French Fare. Both of these restaurants offer brunch or dining.



They offer a beautiful spa where you can get your nails done, to massage at Senses Spa & Salon. They offer multiple bars that are open all day and till late at night after 10pm these do turn into adult only. The Skyline is a chic bar that has views of the world’s most scenic horizons are you enjoy your cocktail. Pink: Wine and Champagne, you will find live music here and some of the best champagne and wine on the ship. Pub 687 where you can catch a sports event. Relax and listen to music at the District Lounge. Catch a comedy act or a game show at the D Lounge(for the whole family)  of after 10pm in the Evolution you will find comedy shows, a games shows or dance the night away

Youth Club:

They offer four different times of clubs for different age groups. For infants they offer It’s a small world nursery! Reservations are required and an extra fee. The Disney’s Oceaneers Club is the perfect getaway for young children. You can have are able to imagine with the little help of Disney. Here is where you can become young rebels that helps Han Solo pilot the Millennium Falcon.For the tweens the offer Edge where you can play video games, music and movies. for the teens they can socialize in the Vibe  in this dorm setting where they can dance, and karaoke.

What is a cruise without some amazing pools! The Disney Dream offers those. Kids and families can splash in Mickey’s Pool or Donald’s Pool For those 18 and older they can spend quiet time in the Quiet Cove Pool where you can also find Current a bar where you can grab a tasty drink. Don’t forget what makes this ship special is the AquaDuck which is a twisting water coaster that extends over the side of the ship

For those who want to stay fit while enjoying all those tasty meals. There is a full service gym, specialized classes or you can play hoops at the top deck at Wide World of Sports. There is also a walk deck on Deck 4.

If you are still looking for things to do check the navigator daily for tasting classes, deck parties, character greetings, movie theater and much more!


On each Disney Cruise Line they offer three night time shows if you are on a cruise for over three nights there will be different entrainment those nights. They offer two showings one at 6:15 for the late seating dinner and one at 8:15 for the early diners.  On the Disney Dreams the three that are offered.  The Golden Mickey is a tribute to some of your favorite Disney movies even with a red carpet entrance. Beauty and the Beast is a Broadway style of this beloved story. Disney’s Believe is a musical about a workaholic father trying to reconnect with his daughter with a little help of Disney’s magic

One night during the cruise you will get to become Pirates! You will have a special pirate menu at dinner, dress up like a pirate and the best part dance the night away at the buccaneer bash. Then the best part the sky will light up with fireworks over the ocean! Please note not all itineraries include Pirate night. .

During a certain time of the year. The Disney Dreams offers specialty cruises, Merry Time Christmas Cruise, New Year’s Eve Cruise and Halloween at High Sea. Once again check the itinerary if you are looking for a specific cruise.

If your family is looking to discover for a different way to experience Disney, the Disney Cruise Line is one of the best way to do it. You will get to see places you may never dream of seeing all with the comfort of Disney Dreams.



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