Rob W.

My Disney Story…

I know exactly when my love for going to Walt Disney World and Disneyland happened…in 1998 and 2011 respectively. My love for Disney in general is one that I cannot pinpoint because as I have become aware of seeing recent pictures of me as a baby, it has become very much apparent that Disney has been part of my life from the very beginning.

It seems that as a baby I was wearing clothes with Disney characters on them, had a lot of toys of different Disney things and who else but Mickey Mouse was on my 1st Birthday cake.

So, without knowing it, Disney has been a part of my life from the beginning. It was not so much as a passion but a way of life. I continued this way of life when my two kids were born, showing them the movies and enjoying anything that Disney came out with, board games, Cds, TV shows, food, Happy Meal get the picture.

I never got the opportunity to visit the parks when I was little, not because we could not or that my parents did not want to go, heck they were the reason I had the love for Disney that I had up to that point. We would use our vacation time to visit my grandparents in New Mexico and as those are vacations that I truly cherish and would not trade.

I now had kids of my own and with the love of Disney and a boy that loved Buzz Lightyear and a girl that wanted to be a princess, it was time for me to do the “parental” thing and take my family to Walt Disney World.

Yes, I was as excited to go and experience it for myself as much as I was excited to take my kids….but I was not and could not have prepared myself for the experience that would forever change my life…. I had experienced “theme parks” before and thought that this would be the same thing just with Mickey and the gang…oh boy was I mistaken…

From the time I first set foot on property I was in awe. From all of the fun of the attractions to the characters and then all of the attention to detail, the way the parks were run and on and on.

I loved everything about this place and the week went by and I did not know when I could come back to this place – but knew I would be back, I HAD to come back.

I immediately went looking for anything and everything I could about the parks, trying to find ways to bring the parks home and reading and listening to anything and everything about WDW.

And that spark, that passion that was started from the time I was born with Disney and then was intensified in 1998 when I finally set foot on WDW property – has erupted into a burning fire that anyone who knows me knows that Disney is a big part of my life and WDW truly is my “home” and my “Happy Place on Earth”