“To stroller, or not to stroller, that is the question!”

(Written By Stephanie T.)

The number one question I receive when helping people with planning a Walt Disney World vacation is should they bring a stroller for their children. Being a mom of three, we get out numbered easily and carrying one is hard enough. We also get tired walking the parks, so imagine how it can feel on little ones. My answer is always a clear yes, bring a stroller. It will be easier on you and your children.

If you are traveling by plane you can push the stroller right up to your gate and check it there. This can be free or done with a charge, depending on what airline you are flying. When you arrive at Orlando International Airport, the airline will have your stroller right at the gate as you depart the plane. This is a great service while traveling with little ones.

Traveling by car, train, or live in Orlando?  Still a yes to bring that stroller! I believe a child is more comfortable in a stroller they are use to as well. Some tips for brining your own stroller:

  • Mark it with something so you can easily verify it’s yours.
  • Be aware cast members do move strollers. Look in the stroller parking area before you think someone walked off with it.
  • Attach fans, carabiners for bags, or use a plastic shoe organizer for easy drink storage for those Walt Disney World resort mugs.

While on vacation in Walt Disney World, you want the trip to be as easy as possible and I feel having your own stroller really helps. You can rent strollers at Walt Disney World but they can only be used in the parks, and they tend to be expensive compared to bringing your own. You can also use an outside stroller rental company.  They let you rent it the entire trip, so you can use it all over Walt Disney World. They are usually cheaper than the strollers in the parks, but I tend to still recommend bringing your own, if you can.  Making things easy on you and your family is always a good idea when planning your magical vacation.



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